Verduren is wear resistant and shows high mechanical properties. It is tough-elastic and shows a perfect resistance to the signs of use. After cure through, Verduren is resistant to a wide range of chemicals, acids, leys, resins, solvents and foodstuff. Verduren is seamless and liquid tight.

The majority of the ingredients in Verduren are renewable resources. Verduren is free of plasticizers. Verduren is easy to maintain. After many years of intensive use, Verduren can be retopped at a fraction of initial costs.


Verduren is a tough, flexible seamless comfortable floor covering. It can be used as a seamless floor covering in the education sector, medical sector, offices, museums, but is also suitable for residential surfaces. In short, Verduren is a perfect solution for floors where the owners and users have a high demand in comfort, wear, impact resistance and hygiene. Verduren is a seamless solution from wall to wall.


Verduren has a mingled physical appearance with a smooth level surface. Due to the natural character of Verduren, slight color variations in the appearance are possible. After installation, Verduren is covered with Verduren Top Coat, a protective seal coat that is a low gloss sheen finish. Verduren comes in a wide variety of standard colors with the ability to customize the color to suit your special design requirements.


Verduren is a linoleum, made from vegetable oil, linseed oil, wood and cork powder, limestone cork and other natural pigments. Verduren is a liquid applied floor covering which results in a seamless linoleum floor.


The concrete or screed subfloor has to be primed and leveled with a self leveling smoothing compound to obtain a flat and leveled surface. Uneven surfaces have to be leveled by,e.g. diamond grinding prior to the leveling compound. All dust and loose parts have to be fully removed from all surfaces before the product is applied, preferably using a brush and/or industrial vacuum cleaner. Prior to the installation of Verduren a suitable primer needs to be applied.

Under strict circumstances Verduren can be installed on top of an existing linoleum PVC floor. During installation the room temperature needs to be at least 62 °F. The floor temperature needs to be at least 59 °F and minimum 3 °F above the dew point. The application is very labor friendly since it comes in 33 lbs buckets.

No welding, no cutting losses, no adhesives.