Verduren’s durability and self-healing properties allow it to far outperform sheet linoleum and sheet vinyl products when it comes to high traffic areas, heavy use environments, and stress. As a seamless, resilient surface, Verduren won’t dent, tear up, bubble up or otherwise come apart. Forklift machines are run over Verduren all day long in the RWF main warehouse with no issues. Videos and additional documentation can be provided upon request.

Cleaning and maintenance requirements are no different than any surface’s regular cleaning schedule. Verduren surfaces can be dry mopped, wet mopped, vacuumed, machine-disc cleaned, and can be cleaned/disinfected with any cleaning formula/solution.

Yes, Verduren can be poured over any hard surface type of floor, assuming the floor is prepared and primed properly.

Yes every floor needs to be profiled before any type of installation.

Max RH is 75% just like Linoleum.

Like sheet material, Verduren should not be poured on an uneven floor. While Veduren will not fail, based upon the fact that the optimal pour thickness is 2mm-2.5mm it will telegraph what is underneath it. Verduren will fill in small holes but will not perfect a bad subfloor. Essentially the subfloor prep is the same as it would be for sheet linoleum or sheet vinyl.

Verduren does not expand or contract with changes in relative humidity or temperature. As such it can be poured directly up to cabinets, baseboard or other floor coverings.

Use the Verduren cove base, a non pvc cove base developed for seamless integration with Verduren.

Color match with start and stops is best demonstrated during a installation demo. As long as installation instructions are adhered to, color matching is seamless.

Yes, as long as the  appropriate primer is used to insure a bond. (Precautionary measures should be taken regarding the chemicals use.).

Yes, Documentation can be provided upon request.

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